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The unique flavors and excellent aromas offered during fairs and events, where businesses showcase their products and meet potential customers, are very important to ensure that your guests have a pleasant experience during their visit.

TAM FAIRS, with its superior quality and service understanding, offers solutions suitable for the tastes of all participants by shedding light on the supply and presentation of food and beverages offered at the exhibitions, creating and serving specially designed menus, decoration, equipment rental, cleaning and all complementary services allowing them to project a professional image.

Our services can meet event special requests of exhibitors besides the food and beverages offered at the fairs. For example, serving gluten-free food for participants with allergic conditions or providing food suitable for vegan, vegetarian and other special dietary needs.


TAM FAIRS host/hostess services allow exhibitors to guide customers and interact with visitors at their stands. Hosts/hostesses are trained for your company's target audience, allowing you to manage your exhibition stand effectively and helping them establish a correct communication with your visitors.

Translator services help businesses communicate accurately with foreign customers at fairs. While this service enables your company to compete in the global market, it contributes to your discovery of new markets by expanding your target audience.

As Tam Fair, we believe that a good host/hostess and interpreter service is the most important factor in providing a successful event experience in your fair organizations.

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